Frequently Asked Questions

How did Flags for Simsbury start and why?

Don Paine was the original brain child of Flags for Simsbury.  As a Marine veteran of several wars he once noticed a town proudly displaying the American flag throughout the town and wondered why his own home town did not.  Being the take charge, home town hero, small business owner he was; Don took charge of a seemingly simple (let’s just display flags along our roads and streets).  Don elicited the help of a few friends, also veteran, task to help with bringing Flags for Simsbury to a reality.

When did Flags for Simsbury start?

Don Paine initiated the discussion on September 9, 2001 at the local American Legion meeting, with the help and input of his friends Dick Dart, Wesley Case and Evan Woollcott and rest as they say is history.

Are the Flags for Simsbury in honor of something or someone special?

There is no one specific person to honor for the Flag for Simsbury.  The honor is for EVERY veteran who has served the greatest nation this world has ever seen; The United States of America.

Aren’t the Flags paid for by my taxes?

When talking to folks about the Flags for Simsbury, a common question I get is that it is assumed that our local town is proving this as a service to the town.  Quite the contrary, the ONLY town involvement is the voluntary cooperation with the town work folks, which is greatly appreciated, to do the bulk displaying of and taking down of the flags.  There are NO tax payer moneys put towards the program.  The program is completely run as a volunteer / independent organization with no political ties and is dependent on volunteers and donations.

What happens when a flag is damaged or falls down?

While the flags are in service they are monitored and periodically checked by several individual looking for damaged or fallen flags. If one is found, it is replaced as soon as possible.

What do I do if I see a damaged/ fallen flag?

If you find a flag fallen or damaged flag, you can bring it to Paine’s Inc. at 54 Floydville Rd., East Granby or to Simsbury Police Department.  It would also be extremely helpful to know where the flag was found (telephone pole # or address so we can replace it.

What happens to the damaged flags?

The flags are evaluated for the extent of the damage they have sustained.  Minor damage will be repaired.  If the flag is determined to be too damaged, it is properly folded up and set aside.  Once a year the collected damaged flags are properly and ceremonially disposed of.

Who maintains the Flags for Simsbury?

Up until his passing, founder Don Paine managed the all aspects of the Flags for Simsbury program.  This included but was not limited to the purchase of all flags, poles brackets and equipment.  Don made relationships with other individuals and groups to have repaired work done and have the flags properly disposed of.

Since the passing of Don, the traditions have been handed down to his son-in-law Sean Crombez.  Don’s son, Mike Paine also assist with the management and maintenance of Flags for Simsbury.

Where are the flags displayed?

The flags are displayed along Rt. 10 from our southern border with Avon to our northern border with Granby.  In addition we have flags on West St., in West Simsbury along Rt. 309 and along Rt. 315, in Tariffville, on Elm St. and Winthrop St.

When are the flags displayed on the poles?

The flags are put in service each year: From Memorial Day through Veterans Day.  The flags are put up with in a couple of week before the holiday and taken down a couple of weeks with in after the holiday has passed.

How much does it cost per flag?

Our current estimate is ~ $60 per flag.  This includes the flag, pole, bracket and miscellaneous materials.  All labor assembling, displaying, repairing and managing the flags is voluntary.  As much as possible materials are purchased from local vendors.  Flagman of America in Avon, CT is the primary source for the flags and poles; other materials have been purchased from and sometime donated by Simsbury merchants.